4 Comments on “The United Democratic Front: a point of departure?”

  1. Launching a program of UDF40 celebration, it must be mass line education and practice is a significant decision taken by the comrades, we must supervisor our own conduct and enforce strict discipline.
    It is an important to respond to the people’s demands, to strengthen idea, we need comrades of unquestionable loyalty and dedicated, that learns, innovates and serves the people and to advance development with South African characteristics.

  2. We must be cognizant, especially during this era of reform and opening up, that we will be exposed to unprecedented risks and challenges as we drive reform and opening up to a deeper level.
    The task of improving the lives of the masses of our people conduct will never be more important or urgent to counter revolutionaries. Not for one moment should we be lax or suspend our efforts in this regard.
    In the present period of historical change, when problems of quality service delivery and community development programs piled up and thousand things wait to be done, it is crucial for us to strengthen our revolutionary approach and correct the current leadership working style.

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