Tribute to a stalwart – one year on

The Institute for African Alternatives remembers our former Director, Professor Ben Turok, on the anniversary of his passing on 9 December 2019. Below is the conclusion of the last editorial he wrote for New Agenda.

“Our huge inequalities in wealth are intolerable, including the incredible gap between top managers and employees. Our legacy of social discrimination based on colour is unacceptable, including the persisting divide between affluent suburbs and desolate townships. Our state-owned enterprises, which are supposed to be engines for development, are actually serving as employment agencies for a small overpaid middle class. The public service has been allowed to slip into a dream walk where form filling and token effort is enough to bring in a stable income for officials.

All this points to an urgent need for civil society and progressive intellectuals to raise their voices and demand a much more serious effort by all concerned to rebuild our country on a better foundation. Let us work on that.” – Prof Ben Turok, Editorial, New Agenda Issue 75, 2019


Rest in peace

26 June 1927 – 9 December 2019

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