SA, the Global South and the Future of Capitalism: An Interview with Prof Vivek Chibber 

  Zunaid Moolla, New Agenda Deputy Editor spoke to Vivek Chibber while he was on a speaking tour of South Africa. He is a Professor of Sociology at New York University ZM: You have been to South African several times now. Do you see or hear anything different with this visit? VC: No. I have... Continue Reading →

Decolonial, Post-Colonial, Post-Apartheid: Reflections on some dilemmas of self-determination

Professor Ari Sitas argues that the waves of student protest in South Africa in 2015 – 2016 reflect the failure of an ANC government to deconstruct the country’s deeply embedded colonial legacy, both in ideas and in its myriad practical manifestations. The writer uncovers the effects of layers of colonial hegemony from its early onset... Continue Reading →

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