Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Obituary – Professor Ben Turok

IFAA wishes to add our voice to mourn the passing of Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo, one of the founders of the new state of Namibia. We have a special reason for remembering him as he came to Cape Town as a migrant worker in the early 1950s where he soon made contact with members of... Continue Reading →

Interview to IOL News: SA a tinderbox waiting to burn

Prof. Turok speaks to Zenzile Khoisan. The full text is reprinted below.  Johannesburg - Legendary academic and parliamentarian Professor Ben Turok believes South Africa is in crisis and urgent interventions are required to prevent the fallout in a country that’s “tinder waiting to burn”. On the saga surrounding the R246-million upgrade of President Jacob Zuma’s... Continue Reading →

The Scope for Domestic Value Addition in a Mining Economy: The South African Case

ABSTRACT In this paper Professor Ben Turok (director) examines the constraints on beneficiation in South Africa. He calls for a negotiated compromise on domestic prices, perhaps for a fixed period, with suitable provisions for improved infrastructure services, and step-by-step measures to enhance local value addition and beneficiation by local manufacturers and suppliers *To download the full... Continue Reading →

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