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IFAA FORUM: Book Launch of ‘Stunted’

The Institute for African Alternatives and Surplus Radical Bookshop are pleased to invite you to the local Book Launch of “STUNTED: Panopticism and embedded neoliberalism in African States’ Food & Agriculture Policies and the Struggle to End Hunger on the Continent,” edited by Charles Simane, with contributors Roland Ngam, Rachael…
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Ideas and Power: Academic Economists and the Making of Policy

From the struggle years of the mid-1980s to the gearshift of the mid-1990s, progressive academic economists played a tangled role in the development of South Africa’s post-apartheid economic policy. Vishnu Padayachee is distinguished professor and Derek Schrier and Cecily Cameron Chair in Development Economics, School of Economics and Business Sciences, University of…
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Economic Policy since the transition: Socially oriented to Market oriented

Zunaid Moola, Deputy Editor of New Agenda, presented this paper at the IFAA Forum in March 2017. Zunaid discusses shifts in government economic policy away from the progressive and socially oriented RDP and MERG report to the free-market and neoliberal GEAR.  As we look back to 1994, it is useful…
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Neoliberalism and the Crisis in Higher Education in South Africa

By IFAA’s Student and Youth Department The Institute for African Alternatives’ research team is Alexander Pennington, ’Manapo Mokose, Michael Nassen Smith and Zimpande Kawanu.  This Article originally appeared in New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy, Issue 64. This and other articles in the “Crisis in Higher…
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