White Monopoly Capital: Its Ideological and Historical Deficiency

A strange phenomenon has arisen within the national liberation movement, where some within our ranks seek to sow ideological confusion with the aim of distorting our historical and present reality. The consequence is that in the construction of revolutionary theory – which sees society as a dynamic, contradictory, and changing … Read More

African Nationalism in the ANC

The “national question” fifty years ago In May 1954, a symposium was staged in Cape Town on the national question. In attendance were, among others, Lionel Foreman, Thomas Ngwenya and Jack Simons. The purpose of the symposium was explained as being: “To encourage and develop a unity of ideas in … Read More

South Africa’s Lopsided Economy

By Ben Turok,  The author is an economist, former ANC member of parliament and the editor of New Agenda. This article originally appeared in New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy, Issue 66.     State capture may have dominated the headlines this past year but the … Read More