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New Agenda 92: Special Issue – Economics & Labour in the Global South

Dateline Africa 1 December 2023 to 29 February 2024 21 February: Türkiye – once the Ottoman Empire, a colonial occupier of north Africa for centuries – is extremely active in Africa once again. It is to assist in strengthening coast-guard services in Somalia. This comes amid infrastructure projects in east…
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New Agenda 91: Book review

Stunted: Panopticism and embedded neoliberalism in African states’ food & agriculture policies and the struggle to end Hunger on the continent Charles Simane (ed) Review by Rachael Nyirongo “African states are being monitored through the hegemonic institutions of the Global North, to produce a certain type of policies that are…
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New Agenda 91: Green colonialism

Europe’s quest for energy fuels green colonialism in Africa By Roland Ngam As Europe ends its economic ties to Putin’s Russia, it has been pouring billions of dollars into Africa to urgently develop new energy infrastructure. African governments and elites have seized this opportunity, but these investments have failed to…
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New Agenda 91: Editorial essay

The black sonic gestures toward just planetary futures in Africa By the Guest Editors: mpho ndaba & Rachael Nyirongo New Agenda 91: Special Issue on Climate Change In a song collaboration that featured Eryn Allen, Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana, Msaki and Zolani Mahola, we are reminded that “Ilizwe likhohlakele” (the…
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New Agenda 89: Dateline Africa

Calendar of events in Africa 1 March 2023 – 31 May 2023 The world has been shaken by the fierce fighting between the two rival military factions in Sudan, following failure, earlier in April, to sign a long- promised agreement naming a civilian government. Sudan fell under military rule after…
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IFAA Public Forum: South Africa’s Urban Farming Revolution

Urban farming is not a new phenomenon but it has proliferated rapidly in recent years. This has been driven by advances in technology and global challenges that include food insecurity, energy shortage, urban migration, poverty, unemployment and environmental degradation. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization urban farming is…
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From Afro-Centrism to Decolonial Humanism: A Response to Simphiwe Sesanti

  One by one, nations across the African continent won formal political independence in the second half of the 20th century. Some decades since the formal end of colonial rule, the continent continues to be plagued by significant residues of a bygone era. Neo-colonialism is a concept designed specifically to…
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SA, the Global South and the Future of Capitalism: An Interview with Prof Vivek Chibber 

  Zunaid Moolla, New Agenda Deputy Editor spoke to Vivek Chibber while he was on a speaking tour of South Africa. He is a Professor of Sociology at New York University ZM: You have been to South African several times now. Do you see or hear anything different with this…
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Co-operatives in South Africa and Beyond

Alternative approaches to economic development are gaining popularity in many countries. Co-ops may not be considered an alternative approach because they’ve been around for several decades and probably precede the onset of capitalism. In this article IFAA Student and Youth coordinator Rekang Jankie looks at the status of co- ops in…
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