Student and Youth Department

The Student & Youth Department aims to establish a community and network for progressive students and youth in South Africa.


The IFAA Forum

The IFAA Forum provides a platform for young progressives to share academic work and debate topical issues. The IFAA forum has the following objectives:

  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning among graduate students in South Africa
  • Encourage interdisciplinary thinking
  • Foster collaboration and communication between students and young academics
  • Deepen intellectual networks between universities in South Africa
  • Provide a platform for discussing progressive political/economic/social theory
  • Democratise academic knowledge by opening up participation in the forum to social activists and engaged members of the public

To keep up to date with the activities of the IFAA Student and Youth Department please like our Facebook page

In 2017, IFAA has hosted wide range of forums with topics such as “Decolonising Higher Education: Post Colonial Theory and The Invisible Hand of Student Politics” and “Capitalism in Africa: An Extension and Expansion of Slavery”. The attendees of the forums are encouraged to critically and constructively engage with presentations at the forums.

If you are a student interested in presenting at our forum please see our IFAA Forum Call for Abstracts 2017.

The IFAA Reading CirclePhilosophy pb DEMY

IFAA’s Student and Youth department runs regular book clubs throughout the year. This is part of our aim to deepen the youth’s intellectual engagement with progressive social theory.

IFAA is currently conducting a fortnightly book Club on Vivek Chibber’s “Post-Colonial Theory and the Specter of Capital”. Chibber’s work is a critique of post-colonial theory and has received wide acclaim within the academy. The central concern of the book is to defend “post-enlightenment” ideals and methodologies against the culturalism and relativism that has come to dominate the social sciences.

Book Clubs are convened by IFAA at the request of members of the IFAA Student and Youth Network. To become a part of our reading circle please contact Rekang at

 Political Education Courses

The IFAA Student and Youth department prepares and delivers courses on political history and theory, with a particular focus on South African and African issues at large.

Monwabisi, a student in the course, sharing his views with the class

In 2017, IFAA, in collaboration with INDONI ACTT  ran a Politics and Identity Course for Indoni Dance, Arts and Leadership Academy. The course has focused on the intersection of identity, the arts and politics. Our goal is to promote civic engagement and engender a progressive political consciousness in these young students.


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