Report on Expert Meeting on Mineral Value Chains




  1. There is evidence that there is inadequate cooperation and coordination between government departments in the same sector. The silo culture is supreme.
  2. Input costs for manufacturing are high for raw materials, government services, compliance with regulations, labour etc.
  3. There is inadequate mutual support within the private sector along the whole mineral value chain. Competition and rivalry is healthy but uneconomic price setting anywhere along the value chain is not.
  4. The institutional interface between government and business is stalled. Levels of mistrust between the two are at an all-time high. If this continues it could lead to system failure.
  5. Mining, manufacturing and government reveal a high level of mutual dependency for procurement and services.
  6. Government seems to be indifferent and complacent towards business.
  7. We shall have a mixed economy with a large state sector and an even larger private sector for a long time. The interdependence between them needs explicit analysis, negotiation and institutional expression.

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NRF report 14 April 2015

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