Conference Abstracts: Transforming Economics Curricula in South Africa

Call for Abstracts 2018 Transforming Economics Curricula at South African Universities Economics Curriculums across the globe are under increasing pressure to transform. This interrogation has been sparked by the Great Recession and the subsequent crisis of neoclassical economics. In South Africa, the student movement has raised the issue of transforming local economics curriculums in the... Continue Reading →

Ideas and Power: Academic Economists and the Making of Policy

From the struggle years of the mid-1980s to the gearshift of the mid-1990s, progressive academic economists played a tangled role in the development of South Africa’s post-apartheid economic policy. Vishnu Padayachee is distinguished professor and Derek Schrier and Cecily Cameron Chair in Development Economics, School of Economics and Business Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand. For the progressive... Continue Reading →

Co-operatives in South Africa and Beyond

Alternative approaches to economic development are gaining popularity in many countries. Co-ops may not be considered an alternative approach because they’ve been around for several decades and probably precede the onset of capitalism. In this article IFAA Student and Youth coordinator Rekang Jankie looks at the status of co- ops in South Africa. Drawing comparisons with... Continue Reading →

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