Mission Statement

IFAA Mission Statement, Vision and Core Objectives

Mission Statement

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) is an independent policy research institute and think-tank committed to advancing progressive alternatives to our social and economic system based on the principles of equality, non-racialism, self-reliance and democracy. Based in South Africa, IFAA has a Pan-African and global perspective and consciousness.


We promote:

  1. Economic Transformation, with a primary focus on environmentally sustainable industrialisation and redistribution
  2. Non-racialism and anti-racism
  3. Maintenance of our democratic systems, the values of the constitution and an active civil society
  4. Continental Solidarity and African self-reliance
  5. Youth participation in political and social discourse

10 Core Objectives:

We pledge to:

  1. Understand and promote solutions to achieve structural economic transformation and equality
  2. Understand and promote solutions to escaping commodity dependence in Africa’s minerals rich economies
  3. Understand and promote efforts to promote economic development in poor communities, particularly in townships
  4. Promote efforts to address class, racial, and gender injustice in society
  5. Promote wide and democratic participation in socio-political and economic discourse
  6. Promote anti-corruption efforts and the renewal of the state apparatus
  7. Promote Pan-Africanism and economic, socio-political and cultural integration in Africa
  8. Promote workers co-ownership and representation in corporate and political governance
  9. Promote and advance a version of non-racialism that addresses and resolves the deep colonial and apartheid legacy in South Africa
  10. Promote political and social literacy amongst the youth

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