New Agenda 77

New Agenda’s aim is to foster democratic participation in South Africa’s economic, social and political life by pursuing a deeper understanding of our socioeconomic system while emphasizing the need for substantive transformation.


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  1. Editorial: More democracy, less market, more environmental recovery
  2. Between decisiveness and compassion: Opinion piece, by Ari Sitas
  3. Microbes, mobility and mortality: South Africa’s long pandemic history, by Howard Phillips
  4. Another pandemic, another crisis? by Steven Robins
  5. Only a public pathway can reach a green recovery: Reimagining the economy, by Bruce Baigrie
  6. Parliament: an unlikely champion of the Auditor-General, by Martin Nicol
  7. I have a story to tell about Daveyton, by Siphelo Ngcwangu
  8. Silencing the guns 2020: Truth or fantasy? by Rachael Nyirongo
  9. Andrew Mokete Motlokwa Mlangeni: Struggle icon, Mench, by Cheryl Carolus
  10. Denis Goldberg: The engineer whose aim was to build a new world, by Debbie Budlender
  11. Book Review: Eye on the Gold by Terry Crawford-Browne (reviewed by Keith Gottshalk)
  12. Book Review: The ANC Spy Bible: Surviving Across Enemy Lines by Moe Shaik (reviewed by Pippa Greene)


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