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In light of IFAA’s goal to contribute meaningfully to the public discourse, our staff regularly contribute to external publications. To keep up to date with these contributions see the list below or follow us on our social media platforms on twitter and facebook.

Carilee Osborne and Michael Nassen Smith, ‘Parastatals: Privatisation won’t solve the crisis,’ Mail and Guardian (28 February 2018). Available here

Rekang Jankie, Carilee Osborne, Michael Nassen Smith, ‘Op-Ed: Intellectually dishonest? Free Market Foundation dismisses Oxfam Inequality Report on flimsy grounds,’ Daily Maverick (30 January 2018), Available here

Michael Nassen Smith, ‘Op-Ed: Economics curricula need to enter 21st century too,’ Daily Maverick (22 January 2018) Available here.

Ben Turok, Ramaphosa returns to traditional values of non-racialism, Daily Maverick (17 January 2018) Available here

Ben Turok, ‘Waiting for December: The ANC remains powerful, but impatience eating away at loyalty’, Daily Maverick (3 December 2017). Available here

Ben Turok, ‘We feel betrayed by Zuma’s litany of scandals,’ Daily Maverick (1 November 2017). Available here 

Michael Nassen Smith, ‘How inequality is wrecking SA’s economy, and what we can do about it,’ Business Day (16 October 2017) Available here

Ben Turok, ‘The rich build their fortune by shrewd financial manipulation,’ Daily Maverick (22 August 2017) Available here 

Ben Turok, ‘We have work to do on inequality,’ Daily Maverick (26 July 2017). Available here

Michael Nassen Smith, ‘Black economic empowerment is not black economic empowerment’, Mail and Guardian (20 June 2016) Available here

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