IFAA Forum: What can we learn from the Gilets Jaunes?



Join us for our latest IFAA forum which looks at the recent protests against a fuel tax increase in France. In November 2018, people all over the country decided to protest by setting up blockades and occupations on major roundabouts while marches were organized in major cities. Their symbol, a yellow vest!

Whereas no one expected it, the movement is now in its 15th week of mobilization with no sign of letting up.

This conversation aims to understand some of the main features of the movement and to analyze the challenges it poses for progressives.

This Forum will be led by Erwan Malary, a researcher at the Alternative Information Development Center (AIDC).


Date: 1 March

Time: 17:30-19:15

Venue: Neill Aggett Boardroom, Community House,

41 Salt River Road,

Salt River

See our Facebook event here or contact Alex Pennington on studentandyouth@ifaaza.org



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