IFAA Forum: ‘Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories’ Book Launch

Surplus Radical Books, Inkani Books, and IFAA are pleased to invite you to the Book Launch for “Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories” by Amilcar Cabral. This event will feature short presentations by Antonio Tomas and Koni Benson

António Tomás is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg and the author of Amílcar Cabral: The Life of a Reluctant Nationalist.

Koni Benson is a historian, organizer, and educator. With the African Ecofeminist Collective, she recently co-convened the Amilcar Cabral Ecofeminist Political School in Nairobi in January 2023. S

‘Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, or failures. Claim no easy victories…’ – Amílcar Cabral

Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories showcases the intellectual foundations and practices underpinning the liberation of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. From the importance of culture in decolonization to biting critiques of Portuguese colonialism, and strategies for guerrilla warfare in tropical forests, this new collection brings together select interviews, official speeches, and PAIGC party directives from 1962 to 1973. Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories reveals Cabral to be a skilled diplomat and lively and pragmatic thinker, concerned with national liberation in the context of Pan-Africanism and international struggle.

This edition features an exclusive foreword by Grant Farred and an introduction by Sónia Vaz Borges, bringing Cabral’s contributions sharply into focus for today’s bids for freedom.

2 Comments on “IFAA Forum: ‘Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories’ Book Launch”

  1. Interesting event. Igniting passion for history and preservation. Albeit far from the Cape, one can feel that this is going to be a memorable event. Please keep me posted

  2. I really would have loved to have been here. Where can I purchase this publication please?

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