IFAA Forum: Celebrating the UDF at 40

This Forum is hosted by IFAA and Surplus Radical Books and will be held at the Ashley Kriel Hall, Community House, Salt River Cape Town, on Tuesday 9th May 2023 at 6 pm.

Launched at the Rocklands Community Hall, in Cape Town on 20th August 1983, the United Democratic Front (UDF) was a critical and game-changing social, political, and cultural formation. It had a phenomenal impact on the entire political landscape of Apartheid South Africa. At its zenith, it comprised more than 400 public organizations including trade unions, students’ unions, women’s, and faith-based organizations. It harnessed and galvanized a groundswell of discontent that manifested in mass protest activities such as rent boycotts, school protests, worker stayaways, and a boycott of the sham tricameral parliament. Now, almost four decades after its founding, we revisit the UDF and its legacy at a time when South Africa is faced with a myriad of social, political, and economic challenges. 

Our speakers for this panel discussion, include the founding member Dr Allan Boesak, Keven Patel, Roseberry Sonto, Marcus Solomon, and Pregs Govender.

This event is proudly hosted by The Institute African Alternatives, Surplus Radical Books, with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

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