IFAA FORUM: Book Launch of ‘Stunted’

The Institute for African Alternatives and Surplus Radical Bookshop are pleased to invite you to the local Book Launch of “STUNTED: Panopticism and embedded neoliberalism in African States’ Food & Agriculture Policies and the Struggle to End Hunger on the Continent,” edited by Charles Simane, with contributors Roland Ngam, Rachael Nyirongo, Dr. Ferial Adam, Jan Urhahn, Refiloe Joala, Prof. George Njung, Prof. Rogers Orock and Dr. Barira.

Africa, once a net producer of surplus food crops, can no longer feed itself. In this important book, a number of scholars, enlighten the reader on the continent’s existential food security crisis, by exploring the political economy of African Agriculture, and structural features that underpin an exploitative and disarticulated system within which Africa today still exists as a producer of cheap agricultural commodities for the Global North. Amidst a worsening climate crisis, the effects of COVID-19, and the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, the writers suggest some key ideas on how to improve food crop production, protect indigenous seeds, and build resilient communities and local markets.

The launch will be presented by editor Charles Simane and contributor Rachael Nyirongo of IFAA.

This event is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and will be hosted at Surplus Radical Bookshop, The Quaker Peace Centre, 3 Rye Road, Mowbray on 25th October at 5.30 pm. A limited number of free copies of the book will be available and refreshments will also be served.

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