Democracy beyond Elections: How can we make Parliament more Democratic?

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In the run up to the May 8th general election, the question of voter disaffection has been a dominant one. Some voters feel that democracy is not working for them and that “there is no point in voting”. Despite this feeling, voters choice is critical for who governs and how. However, national elections only happen once every 5 years. In this context, between elections, parliament is meant to be the “voice of the people”. How can we ensure that this mandate is fulfilled? How can parliament work better for citizens? IFAA’s Director Ben Turok, who has also been an MP for 20 years, will share his thoughts on how we can reform this crucial institution.

Monday 6th May from 18:30 to 20:00

Community House, Salt River Road, Salt River, Cape Town

See our Facebook event or email for more details or to RSVP.

Copies of Prof Turok’s memoir about his time in parliament (With my Head above the Parapet: An Insider’s Account of the ANC in Power“) will be on sale along with a selection of IFAA’s other publications. Cash and Snapscan facilities available.



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