Conference Abstracts: Transforming Economics Curricula in South Africa

Call for Abstracts 2018

Transforming Economics Curricula at South African Universities

Economics Curriculums across the globe are under increasing pressure to transform. This interrogation has been sparked by the Great Recession and the subsequent crisis of neoclassical economics. In South Africa, the student movement has raised the issue of transforming local economics curriculums in the broader context of the “decolonisation” movement.

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA), in collaboration with Rosa Luxemburg South Africa, will host a conference on “Transforming Economics Curricula at South African Universities.” The conference is tentatively scheduled for the first week of October 2018 in Johannesburg.

IFAA is calling for abstracts on any one of the following themes/questions

  • What are the limitations of neoclassical economics?
  • What are the modern trends in heterodox economics?
  • What would a “decolonised” economics curriculum look like?
  • How can the pedagogy of economics be transformed?
  • What would a pluralist economics curriculum look like?
  • What is the role of students in reshaping the economics curriculum?
  • Are there global examples of successful economics curriculum changes from which we may learn?
  • Is development economics a successful alternative to mainstream economics?
  • What is the role of interdisciplinary engagement in transforming economics curricula?

*Abstracts outside of these themes, but related to the key topic, will be considered for presentation.

Abstract Submission:

Abstracts should be no longer than 400 words and must be sent to with the subject line “Conference Abstract”. Submissions may come from academics, members of civil society and postgraduate students. The deadline for submissions is 3 April 2018.

For more information about the conference contact Rekang Jankie at
IFAA Background reading  

Please follow link to an article on Economics Curriculum change by our deputy director here. 

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