Climate Change in Zimbabwe: Towards a Recovery Plan

The Institute for African Alternatives in late 2021 commissioned African Ecofeminist and popular educator, Dr. Melania Chiponda to write a research paper that contributes to IFAA’s new Climate Justice program. Her paper is entitled ‘Climate Change and Vulnerable Communities in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe: Recommendations for a Just Recovery Plan’ (available on the IFAA website: Using the methodology of Feminist Participatory Action Research with women living in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Mela’s paper exposes the devastating impact of natural and climate-induced disasters such as floods, drought, landslides, the recent Cyclone Idai, and the Covid-19 pandemic on these women and their communities. She argues that traditional patriarchal power relations, ‘gender-blindness’, and the systematic exclusion of women from civil protection measures and disaster management in Zimbabwe have crippled its plans for a Just Recovery from these crises, and by extension are obstructing a just and equitable transition.

Please join us for this critical presentation. It will be hosted via Zoom as well as live-streamed on our FB page ‘The IFAA Forum’ on Wednesday 23rd March 2022 at 15h00 SAST.

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