Checks and Balances: The Auditor-General Project Report


The Institute for African Alternatives is proud to announce the completion of our research project, Checks and Balances: The Auditor-General Report. We thank all those of you who set aside your precious time to assist us with our research.

Initiated by our founder and Director, Professor Ben Turok, shortly before he passed away in 2019, this research project on the Auditor-General and Parliament set out to answer the question of why the checks and balances written into our constitution have failed when it comes to acting on the recommendations of the Auditor-General to reduce ’irregular, unauthorized. fruitless and wasteful expenditure’. It asks what can Parliament do to remedy the situation where the executive fails to act.  Its purpose is to identify paths for action by Parliament itself, political parties and civil society.

To read the report, click here.

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