Checks and Balances: The AG Project Research Bulletins

Index to the AG Project Bulletins

The Project Bulletins were compiled for internal IFAA use in assembling themes and perspectives. They were not intended for publication or any other use, but are made available as a gesture of research transparency.


AG Project Bulletin 18. 08 December 2020 [Notes from the Validation Workshop and Consultation with stakeholders; Project Bibliography]
AG Project Bulletin 17. 19 October 2020 [Article for New Agenda 78 by Checks and Balances Team – “Parliament and the Auditor General: The accountability gap and what can be done about it”. ] – effectively, the interim report on the project
AG Project Bulletin 16. 11 September 2020 [Interview with Mr Alf Lees MP]
AG Project Bulletin 15. 18 August 2020 [Consultation follow-up: Note on CASAC, OVAC and Corder – existing recommendations towards improving accountability]
AG Project Bulletin 14. 09 August 2020 [Analysis of documents sent in by the Deputy Speaker on 06 August 2020]
AG Project Bulletin 13. 07 July 2020 [Interview with Auditor General: Mr Kimi Makwetu]
AG Project Bulletin 12. 26 June 2020 – revised 8 July – finalised 17 July [Checks, in theory – balances, not really: IFAA brief for a consultative meeting with informed colleagues – mainly from civil society on 30 July 2020].
AG Project Bulletin 11. 02 June 2020 [Interview with Mr Jan van Schalkwyk, AGSA]
AG Project Bulletin 10. 30 April 2020 [Notes from a conversation with Mr Michael Acres] – not available online
AG Project Bulletin 09. 16 April 2020 [Notes from a conversation with Mr Murray Michel]– not available online
AG Project Bulletin 08. 07 April 2020. [Parliament is an unlikely champion of the Auditor General
AG Project Bulletin 07. 19 March 2020. [Reflection on Parliament’s weak response to the intimidation of AG staff in Nelson Mandela Bay in November 2019 and on 18 March 2020 City Press article by Kimi Makwetu: How SA can rid itself of wasteful, fruitless, unauthorised and irregular expenditure]
AG Project Bulletin 06. 29 March 2020 [Interview with Mr Wessel Pretorius, champion of the independence of Auditors General, 17 March 2020]. – not available online
AG Project Bulletin 05. 16 March 2020 [Notes from our Interview with Mr Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP, Chairperson of the Select Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)]
AG Project Bulletin 04. 13 March 2020 [Reflection on AGSA 100 year legacy book]
AG Project Bulletin 03. 10 February 2020 [Reflection on SCOPA’s efforts to have former Prasa board members declared delinquent]
AG Project Bulletin 02. 12 November 2019/ [Draft discussion paper – Auditor General project: Improving governance in South Africa: What checks and balances are missing?]
AG Project Bulletin 01. 31 October 2019/ [list of the relevant legislation related to the role of the Auditor-General w r t reporting to Parliament; an example of the information on AGSA reports on departments that are summarised by Parliament for the information of SCOPA]


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