New Agenda 81 is out!

Read what Greenpeace Africa thinks South Africa should pledge. And talking of pledges…as you read this, and more, in the latest issue of New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy (attached) we have a favour to ask of you, our reader. New Agenda needs your support. For 25 years we have … Read More

We celebrate Woman’s Day

IFAA marks Women’s Day with the first episode in our series of podcasts ’Pan African Sojourners’. In this episode we interview Nonhle  Mbuthuma of the Amadiba Crisis Committee in Xolobeni, Eastern Cape. She explains how the community has been fighting the coercive imposition of extractivist projects in their ancestral lands. … Read More

A tribute to anti-apartheid struggle icon Norman Levy

by Patric Tariq Mellet I just learnt of the passing of dear Comrade Norman Levy. We were members of the same small cell of communists in the 1980s. He was a great comrade, friend and mentor. A real gentleman who taught me so much. It’s very sad as one by … Read More

Happy Birthday Freedom Charter, Happy Birthday, Ben Turok!

Today (26 June) South Africa marks the 66th anniversary of the Congress of the People where thousands gathered to endorse the Freedom Charter. But it is of particular significance to those who also remember the man who wrote its economic clauses, the late Professor Ben Turok, whose birthday happens to … Read More

IFAA Public Forum: Youth Unemployment

The Institute for African Alternatives will mark Youth Day by inviting you to attend a public discussion on the critical challenge of Youth Unemployment on Tuesday 15th June 2021 at 3pm. Youth Unemployment is one of South Africa’s most formidable challenges and now even more exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. … Read More

IFAA pays tribute to Professor Vishnu Padayachee

“…[W]e will miss your boundless energy, your strength, your wisdom, your uncompromising intellectual incisiveness in the interests of the fundamental social transformation of our country; in the interests of the masses and not an elite.” These are the words of world-renowned economist and  intellectual, Professor Vishnu Padayachee, who passed away … Read More

New Agenda 80 is out!

Has Parliament failed the people of South Africa? The National Assembly Speaker,Thandi Modise, conceded as much at the Zondo Commission, saying that Parliament has neglected its oversight duties. The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) asked the experts, and ordinary citizens, what Parliament can do to uphold the checks and balances … Read More

A tribute to Graeme Bloch

It is with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of veteran activist, educationist and stalwart of the struggle against Apartheid, Graeme Bloch. South Africa has lost another quiet but energetic activist. From the early days of his youth to the past few years, Graeme gave his mind and … Read More

IFAA Salutes our Human Rights icons.

At his trial post-Sharpeville, (Robert) Sobukwe told the judge that he “felt no moral obligation to obey the laws that have been made by a minority… An unjust law cannot be justly applied.” Read more by IFAA staffer Phethani Madzivhandila at

We remember Sharpeville, 1960

At his trial post-Sharpeville, (Robert) Sobukwe told the judge that he “felt no moral obligation to obey the laws that have been made by a minority… An unjust law cannot be justly applied.” Read more by IFAA staffer Phethani Madzivhandila at

Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Battle of Adwa

by Hibist Kassa On March 2, 1896, the Battle of Adwa marked a turning point in the Scramble for Africa. The battle was triggered over different interpretations of the Treaty of Wuchale between the Italians, Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taytu. Italy was claiming territories by exploiting divisions and power … Read More

IFAA Salutes the Women of Ghana

On the 64th anniversary of Ghana’s independence, IFAA Salutes the contributions of the women of Ghana who made important contributions to the struggle for its liberation. We name in particular Theodosia Salome Okoh – designer of the national flag, Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey – feminist activist and organiser who supported … Read More

Happy Independence Day Ghana!

On 6th March 1957, Ghana celebrated becoming the first independent African republic under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah. On this day we also remember Theodosia Salome Okoh (designer of the national flag), Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey (feminist activist and organiser who supported Nkrumah’s campaigns) Susanna Al-Hassan (first woman MP from … Read More

A Tribute to the late Karima Brown, 1967-2021

By Karima Brown At a debate on the media organised by the Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA), veteran journalist Karima Brown, who sadly passed away on Thursday, 4 March 2021, warned that we have a media environment that is no longer trusted by the public; that social media has created … Read More

New Agenda 78 is out!

To read the latest edition, please click here.

IFAA Public Forum: South Africa’s Urban Farming Revolution

Urban farming is not a new phenomenon but it has proliferated rapidly in recent years. This has been driven by advances in technology and global challenges that include food insecurity, energy shortage, urban migration, poverty, unemployment and environmental degradation. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization urban farming is … Read More

IFAA pays tribute to Prof. Daniel Plaatjies

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) deeply regrets the sudden passing of our former Board Member, Daniel Plaatjieson 10 October 2020. Professor Plaatjies served on the IFAA  board from 2014 to 2018 for many years, since 2014. At that time, under the directorship of the late Professor Ben Turok, he … Read More

IFAA Executive Director position

The Insititute for African Alternatives is seeking to appoint a new Executive Director:     JOB DESCRIPTION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR     GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1)  Board Governance:  Works with board in order to fulfil the organization mission.  Responsible for leading IFAA in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by … Read More