2019 Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival

In September 2019, the second Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival will take place at Wits University in Johannesburg with conversations on how to rethink economic theory, policy and activism. The one-day festival will play host to a diverse range of local and international speakers, including student activists, prominent academics and civil society organisations working to transform the economics discipline... Continue Reading →


A climate justice critique of South Africa’s political parties

INTRODUCTION South Africa’s election took place in a context in which inequality is worsening, costs of living are going up and unemployment is a major challenge. It also occurred while South Africa’s worst drought in recorded history continues to ravage various villages and towns. All our political parties have failed to recognise the drought as... Continue Reading →

Complimentary copy of New Agenda 73

IFAA is pleased to offer you a complimentary digital copy of our latest issue of New Agenda. Issue 73 covers a range of topics but has a specific focus on higher education in South Africa. This feature includes an interview with Wits Vice-Chancellor Adam Habib as well as two critical engagements with UCT's Curriculum Change... Continue Reading →

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