IFAA Forum: What can we learn from the Gilets Jaunes?

    Join us for our latest IFAA forum which looks at the recent protests against a fuel tax increase in France. In November 2018, people all over the country decided to protest by setting up blockades and occupations on major roundabouts while marches were organized in major cities. Their symbol, a yellow vest! Whereas... Continue Reading →

Call for Abstracts: The IFAA Forum

Call for Abstracts 2018 The IFAA forum provides a space for students in the Western Cape to share academic work, debate topical issues and engage in intergenerational conversation with academics, activists and interested members of the public. Presentations and discussions at the forum are primarily based (but not limited to) topics in political philosophy, political... Continue Reading →

Co-operatives in South Africa and Beyond

Alternative approaches to economic development are gaining popularity in many countries. Co-ops may not be considered an alternative approach because they’ve been around for several decades and probably precede the onset of capitalism. In this article IFAA Student and Youth coordinator Rekang Jankie looks at the status of co- ops in South Africa. Drawing comparisons with... Continue Reading →

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