Call for Abstracts: The IFAA Forum

Call for Abstracts 2018

The IFAA forum provides a space for students in the Western Cape to share academic work, debate topical issues and engage in intergenerational conversation with academics, activists and interested members of the public. Presentations and discussions at the forum are primarily based (but not limited to) topics in political philosophy, political economy and development economics and are given in a conversational and non-technical style as far as the subject permits.

The IFAA forum has the following aims:

  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning among graduate students in the Western Cape
  • Encourage interdisciplinary thinking
  • Foster collaboration and communication between students and young academics
  • Deepen intellectual networks between universities in the Western Cape
  • Provide a platform for discussing progressive political/economic/social theory
  • Democratise academic knowledge by opening up participation in the forum to engaged members of the public

Abstract submission

We encourage students to submit abstracts of no longer than 300 words to and we will contact you regarding an open presentation slot during the course of the year.

Students are encouraged to present papers on the following themes:

  • Contemporary South African political and socioeconomic issues including but not limited to:
    • Economic and social inequality
    • Land Reform
    • Gender inequality
    • Racial inequality
  • Issues in African political economy and society
  • Post-colonial and de-colonial political thought (and application to historical and contemporary issues)
  • Heterodox economic theory- Marxist political economy, feminist political economy, environmental economics, behavioural economics (and application to historical and contemporary issues)
  • South African and African political history and history of political thought

*Abstracts outside of these themes will be considered for presentation

A selection of papers presented are published in IFAA’s Annual Critical Review. Excellent papers will be considered for publication in IFAA’s flagship publication New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy.


For more information about the IFAA Student and Youth department and IFAA forum please contact Rekang Jankie at

You can find us on FaceBook at .

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