Nationalisation and the Freedom Charter

By Ben Turok Ben Turok is editor of New Agenda and the Director of the Institute for African Alternatives. When the ANC talks about “nationalisation”, it is necessary to return to exactly what was said in the economic clause of the Freedom Charter. This article argues that a close reading reveals that what was meant had... Continue Reading →

A tribute to Professor Ben Turok from the staff of the Institute for African Alternative

The Institute for African Alternatives deeply regrets the passing away early today of its Director, Professor Ben Turok. He will be remembered as an icon of the struggle for justice and democracy, a man who throughout his life remained determinedly committed to equality, nonracialism and full human rights and he demanded dignity for all the... Continue Reading →

Capitalism and development in the Global South: An interview with Jan Kregel

The New Agenda team interviewed Jan Kregel, director of research at the Levy Economics Institute, director of the Levy Institute master’s programme in economic theory and policy, and head of the Institute’s Monetary Policy and Financial Structure programme. He also holds the position of professor of development finance at Tallinn University of Technology. NEW AGENDA: Capitalism has... Continue Reading →

New Agenda 74 out now

The latest issue of New Agenda is out now. This issue leads with a debate on the mandate of the reserve bank with contributions by Kuben Naidoo, SARB Deputy Governor, and Duma Gqubule, Director of the Centre for Economic Development and Transformation. Another major theme of the issue looks at the state of democracy in South... Continue Reading →

2019 Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival

In September 2019, the second Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival will take place at Wits University in Johannesburg with conversations on how to rethink economic theory, policy and activism. The one-day festival will play host to a diverse range of local and international speakers, including student activists, prominent academics and civil society organisations working to transform the economics discipline... Continue Reading →

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