Industrial Policy: Beneficiation and minerals based industrialisation

 January 2015   Mineral Value Chain: Agenda for Action

 February 2015  Beneficiation: The obstacle of import parity pricing

February 2015  Cape Town Mining Lekgotla

June 2015 Report on Expert Meeting on Mineral Value Chains

June 2015 Industry adds value

*Conference: August 2013: Interface between Mining and Manufacturing (IFAA, IDC & UNECA) 

*Colloquium August 2014:  Towards a Joined-Up Economy (DTI)

The Crisis in Higher Education in South Africa

April 2015              Transformation at UCT: A contribution from IFAA

April 2015              Can our current Transformation Efforts learn from Past Struggles

December 2014     A Call for Socially Conscious Engineers: UCT Graduation Speech

General Economic Policy

January 2015    The Mixed Economy is Here to Stay

Social and Political Issues 

February 2015  Fracas in the House: SONA 2015

March 2015  The Role of Intellectuals in the State-Society Nexus

April 2015    Xenophobic Violence is a disaster for SA aspirations in Africa


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