IFAA History

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) was founded in London in 1986 by radical political economists Prof. Ben Turok(SA), Prof. Abdoulaye Bathily (Senegal), Sheperd Nzombe (Zimbabwe), Prof. Mahomed Suleiman (Sudan), Prof. Bade Onimode (Nigeria) and Prof. Haroub Othman (Tanzania). IFAA opened to discuss the decline of Africa caused by harsh policies imposed by the Bretton Woods organisations and bad governance in many countries.

IFAA’s approach to development achieved considerable prominence. At its height, IFAA had centres in six African countries and the institute cooperated with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the Organisation of African Unity(OAU).

Prof. Turok re-established IFAA on his return to South Africa from exile, first in Johannesburg and later in Cape Town, where he served as member of parliament until he retired in 2014. The Institute is now based at Community House in Salt River

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