2019 Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival

REFA 2019 poster FINAL-page-001.jpg

In September 2019, the second Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival will take place at Wits University in Johannesburg with conversations on how to rethink economic theory, policy and activism.

The one-day festival will play host to a diverse range of local and international speakers, including student activists, prominent academics and civil society organisations working to transform the economics discipline and the economy more broadly. Expect discussions, films, plays, and other interactive forms of engagement.

The five thematic streams of the festival are:
• Decolonising economics
• Environmental economics and the climate crisis
• Economics and Human Rights
• Heterodoxy and pluralism in economics
• Class, power and economics

The festival will be an opportunity to exchange ideas on how to build a movement for rethinking economics, in our universities and society more broadly.

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