Join the IFAA Student and Youth Network!

The IFAA Student and Youth Department aims to create, support and empower a network and community of progressive students, young academics and youth in civil society to participate in the realisation of an alternative society based on the principles of justice and equality.

How do I join?

IFAA’s Student and Youth department would love to collaborate, support and engage with young progressive individuals. Exciting? Yes! So, join by filling in the form below and becoming a member of the IFAA Student and Youth network

  • Opportunities to host and present forums at your local university with the institutional guidance and support of IFAA



  • Opportunities to connect to a broader network of young students, academics and researchers
  • Opportunities to connect to activists across the country and translate intellectual work into concrete avenues for social activism
  • Opportunities to attend IFAA Conferences and Events taking place across South Africa


  • Opportunities to collaborate with the Student and Youth online program of podcasts, videos and documentaries


  • Membership also includes a free subscription to a quarterly digital copy of the IFAA’s New Agenda Journal

youth 1

Contact Alex Pennington at for more information.

Visit our Facebook Page:

Visit our Blog:

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